ACCA will be honoring one of the top Service Managers in the nation at Service Leadership 2017, taking place October 26 & 27 in New Orleans* with the Service Manager of the Year Award.

As a contracting company owner or general manager, The Service Manager of the Year Award is your chance to nominate your service manager to receive national recognition for their outstanding leadership and performance.

The ideal candidate for the Service Manager of the Year Award will:
  • Be a true leader in their service department that promotes teamwork among his/her team and with other departments within the company.
  • Help his/her team increase their knowledge and experience through training opportunities available from ACCA, manufacturers, distributors, industry consultants, and other in-house and online programs.
  • Develop and initiate programs that motivate and recognize team members to excel and go above and beyond the regular scope of their job.
  • Provide superior customer service to all customers and represent the company as the leader in its marketplace.

All nominees that are part of a company that is an ACCA member in good standing, are eligible for the award.  The nominees will be vetted by a panel of contractors, who will base their decision on the write-ups provided in the application process. 

The deadline to submit nominations for the Service Manager of the Year Award is August 31, 2017.

*If selected as ACCA's Service Manager of the Year, you must attend Service Leadership 2017, October 26 & 27, 2017, to accept the award. 
Name & Title of Person Nominating the Service Manager:*
Company Name:*
Full Company Address:*
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Nominee's Email*
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Number of Years With Company*
A panel of contractors will review the information you provide about your service manager in the next section of the application to select the recipient. So you will want to be specific about what makes your service manager an ideal nominee for this award. 

Some examples of things you may want to share about your service manager are:
  • What makes him/her a leader among his/her peers?
  • How has he/she made a positive impact on your business, your employees, your customers?
  • What programs has he/she implemented to improve productivity in the service department?​

Remember, this is your chance to tell the panel what makes your service manager a stand out and you only have 500 words, so leave out the generic, "He's a great guy!" and "She's really helpful," comments. 
In 500 words or less, tell us why your service manager deserves this award:*